Summer Wolverine Completion Grant

The Wolverine Completion Grant is available to UVU students who are on track to graduate within six years of their first semester attended at any college classes after high school graduation (includes transfer and part-time students), completing their first bachelor’s degree and in need of financial assistance to graduate. . Grant funding will not exceed institutionally estimated cost of attendance.
• Must be a Utah Resident
• Must be in a declared bachelor’s degree (working on FIRST bachelor’s degree)
• Must have 90 or more credits completed and applied toward bachelor’s degree at the time of the application deadline
• Must be on track to graduate within 6 years of the first semester attended at any college after high school graduation
• Must have a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA
• Must complete FAFSA (the 2020-2021 FAFSA application needs to be completed, submitted, processed and the student must complete verification by the time of the application deadline)
• Must have an updated and completed graduation plan in Wolverine track that’s less than a year old, locked by an academic advisor that shows your estimated graduation date and the classes that you are planning to take to complete your degree
• Must be registered for Summer 2021 classes by the application deadline

*Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
*Students MUST have all elements of the application submitted and completed (complete graduation plan locked by your UVU advisor, FAFSA-including verification) BEFORE the application deadline to be considered for an award.

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