The Elaine Drushell Jones Culinary Arts Institute Scholarship

Recipient(s) must be considered a full-time student and currently enrolled in Utah Valley University.
Recipient(s) must be majoring in the Culinary Arts Institute program.
Preference will be given to students demonstrating financial need.
This scholarship is awarded for one semester and may be renewed for a second semester.
To qualify for a second scholarship, the student must demonstrate academic achievement as demonstrated by earning
A 3.0 GPA, and
All A’s or B’s in their courses.
This scholarship is a gap scholarship to cover tuition, books, and other educational fees (not to include parking fees, graduation fees, etc.). This means that all other financial aid awards must be credited/applied first to the student’s educational expenses and then the amount left unpaid (the gap) will be covered by the scholarship.
If there are not a sufficient number of qualified applicants, the donor prefers the funds not to be dispersed rather than awarded to applicants who do not meet the criterion.

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