Internship Housing Scholarship - Summer

These scholarships are offered through UVU Internship Services for students who are completing an internship out-of-state and are receiving internship credit. Please note that there is not a standard award amount and is awarded based off of need.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Internship Information
    • 1a. UVU Internship Coordinator: (If you do not know who your coordinator is please click here.)
    • 1b. Internship Course Number
    • 1c. Internship Job Title:
    • 2a. Internship Provider:
    • 2b. Internship Site Supervisor Name:
    • 2c. Internship Site Supervisor Job Title:
    • 2d. Internship Provider Address:
    • 2e. Site Supervisor Phone:
    • 2f. Site Supervisor E-mail:
  2. Where is your internship located?
  3. Previous to this internship, were you employed with this organization?
  4. Are you receiving any monetary compensation for your internship?
  5. If you are receiving monetary compensation for your internship please indicate how much. (If you are not receiving monetary compensation you may enter "0" as your answer.)
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