The Blaine and Louise Clyde Endowed Scholarship

The Clyde family arrived in Utah in the middle of the 19th century. W.W. Clyde established W.W. Clyde and Co. in 1926, an enterprise that has burgeoned into today’s Clyde Companies Inc., comprising W.W. Clyde and Co., Geneva Rock, Sunroc, Gorge Rock, and Beehive Insurance.

W.W.’s middle son, Blaine, who became president of W.W. Clyde and Co., married Louise Christiansen. Louise grew up in modest circumstances on a farm in Beaver, Utah, but both her parents had college degrees, and education was highly valued in her home. She received a small scholarship from Utah State University and worked for 20 cents an hour to pay the rest of her tuition and expenses. Louise has always been grateful for the scholarship she received. In return, she and Blaine established scholarships at three universities, including UVU.

Louise served on the UVU Foundation Board from 1988 to 1991 and hosted a family table at the President’s Scholarship Ball every year, beginning with its inception in 1991. Clyde Companies has also supported UVU magnanimously, giving more than $1 million total. The company made the naming gift for UVU’s Clyde Construction Management Program and has been a generous supporter of UVU athletics. The Clydes are quick to point out that the company’s 300 stockholders deserve credit for these gifts as much as the Clydes do themselves.

The Clyde family has been supporting UVU for nearly a quarter of a century — with leadership as well as with generous donations. In honor of the family’s longtime service and support, the UVU Board of Trustees voted in 2012 to name the University’s soccer field Clyde Field.