John K. & Lillian Y. Hayes Endowed Scholarship

The John K. & Lillian Y. Hayes Endowed Scholarship was established in June of 2004 to benefit Utah Valley University students enrolled in the College of Science and Health majoring in earth science with an emphasis in the study of geology.
John Keith Hayes was born June 18, 1916, in Kanab, Utah, and earned bachelor and master degrees in mining engineering from the University of Utah. Upon graduation, he received a Newell Scholarship to Stanford University, where he graduated with an engineer of mines degree in 1940. He was a member of Phi Kappa Phi (honorary scholastic), Sigma Xi (honorary research), Sigma Gamma Epsilon (earth sciences), and Tau Beta Pi (engineering). In 1940 he accepted a job with United States Steel Corporation at the Columbia Steel Company in Provo, Utah, in the mining and raw materials division, where he worked until 1981. He was chief of raw materials exploration for the division of the western state and was active in the AIME society of mining engineers.
Keith was an ROTC cadet at the University of Utah and served in the U.S. Army for more than four years in World War II. While stationed as a field artillery officer in Alaska, he engineered a ski hill and tow in Alaska that was named Hayes Hill in his honor. His battalion sailed for Europe in 1944, landing on Omaha Beach, at Normandy, France, then moved on to Luxembourg and fought in the Battle of the Bulge. He was appointed the mayor of Steinbach-Hallenberg, Germany, toward the end of the war. He continued service in the Army Reserves Corps of Engineers, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel.
In 1946 Keith married Lillian Young, and they raised six children. He was a devoted husband, father, uncle, and grandfather. He loved to ski at Alta and taught his children to ski.
A dedicated correspondent, he wrote cards and letters in impeccable penmanship and beautiful prose to hundreds of people. Dedicated to enduring relationships, he organized military and family reunions and visited ailing friends. He had a deep sense of love and pride for his Mormon pioneer ancestors. Keith loved rocks and began collecting them as a child, a passion that continued his entire life. His in-depth knowledge of local geology and mining operations enlightened all who toured with him. He and Lilly, often accompanied by friends and family, trekked frequently into the backcountry to hike and explore, toting his ubiquitous maps. He was an active member of the Mineral Collectors of Utah and the Utah Historical Society. He volunteered at the Hutchings Museum (Lehi), identifying and scientifically labeling the extensive mineral collection. He loved the outdoors, bird watching, wildflowers, landscaping, photography, and supporting Lillian’s passion for environmental conservation.