Jeanene Watkins Scott Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Jeanene Watkins Scott Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Rebecca Marriott Champion, a former Utah Valley University trustee, established the Jeanene Watkins Scott Memorial Endowed Scholarship to support single parents and displaced workers. In Champion’s own words:

It’s been more than 20 years since Jeanene Watkins Scott walked the Millcreek Canyon road and the canyon trails near her home in Salt Lake City and shared her love and friendship with me when I had the opportunity to visit with her. She and I spoke about her lessons in life from her many travels and experiences with her husband, Elder Richard G. Scott, an apostle for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, who loved and adored her and who recently passed away.

The amazing thing about Jeanene was what she chose to value in life. She was a dedicated mother and spouse, but she had a thirst for learning that was evident in the many books she read, the lectures on tape she listened to constantly, and the attention she paid to the news of the day and international events. She valued a continuing education; it was evident in all her conversations with me.

Because of her great social skills with people, she was able to motivate others to better themselves and to find a life that challenged them and made them feel fulfilled. She learned a foreign language and chose intellectual pursuits that gave her life a richer and broader understanding of people and cultures. I was amazed at her knowledge and intellect. She was gregarious and extremely positive. Her laugh and smile were infectious, and she had the type of gracious manners that made others feel at ease.

Jeanene was the type of woman who knows true compassion for others. Her love for the poor, the hungry, and the disadvantaged was widely known. In her thoughtful way she would find someone each day to help or encourage. She had a special place in her heart for all those who could not afford to further their education.

Thus, Jeanene’s scholarship at Utah Valley University gives a single parent or a displaced worker a chance to get an education and to pursue their dream. It was her idea to always make someone’s life a little better, a little more directed toward self-improvement. I honor and remember Jeanene Watkins Scott today with a gift to Utah Valley University. The Jeanene Watkins Scott Memorial Scholarship will now provide a full-tuition scholarship as a way to bless others in her name.”