Forgotten Carols Scholarship

Michael McLean established the Forgotten Carols Scholarship in 2010 to benefit financially needy Utah Valley University students enrolled in the College of Humanities & Social Science who are interested in making a difference in behavioral science, communications, English and literature, history, and other related fields.
Michael McLean is a performer, composer, songwriter, producer, and director. He has written music and lyrics for more than 25 albums and multiple presentations, including the bestselling The Forgotten Carols. He wrote, produced, and directed “Nora’s Christmas Gift,” starring Celeste Holm, and “Mr. Krueger’s Christmas,” with Jimmy Stewart. His other well-known films include “Our Heavenly Father’s Plan,” “Together Forever,” “A Labor of Love,” “What Is Real,” and “The Prodigal Son.” He recently released 25, a collection of his popular hits and some of his newly released works. Michael and his wife, Lynne, are the parents of three children and recently became first-time grandparents. They live in Malibu, California.