Bunnell Family Endowed Scholarship

Bunnell Family Endowed Scholarship

In 1892 Stephen and Mary Bunnell built a single-story, brick home on 60 acres of farmland that would eventually become part of Orem Township. The house was reached by a single lane, flanked by grapevines, off 800 West. In 1966, Wilson W. Sorensen, president of Utah Technical College, persuaded the state to acquire the home and surrounding land for what would become the present-day campus of Utah Valley University.

Because of its historic significance, the house was left standing as the new campus grew up around it. For years the house was used as a restaurant by UVU’s Culinary Arts Institute. In 2013, when ground was broken for the Student Life and Wellness Center, the old Bunnell house finally had to be taken down. A replica of the house, about half the size of the original, was constructed on the southwest side of the campus and was dedicated to the Bunnell family.

Bricks from the original house were given as mementos to members of the Bunnell family, including to Helen Bunnell Weeks, who was born in the house in 1926 and went on to sing in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir for many years. Helen married Clyde Weeks, a journalist and historian who served as Orem’s postmaster for 40 years. The Culinary Arts Institute used some of the bricks from the original home in a renovation to its Canyon Park facility as a reminder of the institute’s heritage.

In 2012, as a tribute to the Bunnell family and to the origins of UVU’s campus, the UVU Foundation established the Bunnell Family Endowed Scholarship to assist UVU students.