Bruce and Deanna Hammond Endowed Scholarship

Bruce and Deanna Hammond Endowed Scholarship

Bruce and Deanna Hammond have made a career out of helping others. They find free and discounted goods, then find the nonprofit agencies that need those goods. “We’re recyclers. What one agency can’t use, we’ll find another agency that can,” Deanna explains. “We wanted children, and we couldn’t have them. But we know because of what the Lord’s asked us to do with our lives that we have benefited a lot of families.”

The couple has also volunteered their time and energy working for local charities. Working for the Red Cross, they assist local people after house fires and other crises and people across the country at disaster sites. In 2001, through the Red Cross, they helped people whose homes had been damaged near ground zero after the World Trade Center towers were destroyed.

Both real estate professionals, the Hammonds sold some property in 1997 and used the proceeds to establish a charitable remainder trust at Utah Valley University. The trust netted them a tax break. It was set up to fund an endowed scholarship for single parents upon the Hammonds’ deaths, but since they didn’t need an income from it, they eventually donated it outright. “Rather than let it just sit there, we wanted it to benefit people now,” says Deanna.

The couple chose to support single parents because Deanna had been a single parent before meeting Bruce 33 years ago. She is still grateful to the people who helped her during that time and appreciates how much a small favor can mean. “Life isn’t big things. Life is just the little things you can do to help people,” explains Bruce.

The Hammonds have attended scholarship luncheons at UVU, where they met some of the recipients of their scholarship. “There were two or three who mentioned to us that it changed their lives,” says Bruce. “And it changed their kids lives too. It’s shown the kids that they can do it too.” The Hammonds consider the scholarship to be one of their best investments.