Blake Donner & Jennifer Galbraith Memorial Scholarship

The Blake Donner & Jennifer Galbraith Memorial Scholarship was established to benefit Utah Valley University students with financial need. The fund was created after the tragic death of Blake and Jennifer in a drowning accident in August of 2005. Applicants for the scholarship must demonstrate evidence of a personal history of social activism and must be enrolled in or entering the College of Humanities and Social Sciences or the School of the Arts.
Jennifer Lynn Galbraith
Jennifer Lynn Galbraith was born April 6, 1984, in Provo, Utah, to Chris H. and Dorice E. Galbraith. She graduated from Pleasant Grove High School in 2002 and had finished her first year at Utah Valley State College, where she was majoring in philosophy. She had done photography and modeling and was recognized as being very talented and able to do anything she set out to do. She loved music and played the bass guitar in a band with her boyfriend, Blake Donner.
John Blake Donner
John Blake Donner was an honors student in his third year at Utah Valley State College, majoring in philosophy and English. He was particularly influenced by the philosophy of Guy Debord and the Situationists. He was a talented painter and a singer in a rock band with Galbraith. His music reflected his passion for social justice and cultural awareness. He was a dedicated member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and a devoted vegan. He worked at Chryslis, a care service for adult disabled people, and previously worked in the Lehi Elementary School’s preschool for disabled children. He had a deep sympathy and love for the people with whom he worked.
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